Friday, June 21, 2024

Upolu Airport (UPP)

Upolu Airport is a small unmanned airfield located on the Big Island in Hawaii County 3 miles northwest of the town of Hawi. The airport is used for general aviation purposes and is equipped with a single runway and two aircraft parking bays on the south end of the runway. Around 800 aircraft operations take place annually, a majority of which is general aviation.

Upolu Airport is accessible just off the Akoni Pule Highway. Being a small airfield, it does lack a few facilities. There is no control tower or fire fighting facilities. It is open for commuter air traffic only during the day. Passenger terminal operations are conducted at the east parking area. The west side of the parking area is used for maintenance of aircraft. The airport does not support air cargo operations. Private jet and air charter services form a majority of air traffic at Upolu Airport as a pick up and drop off location.

Upolu Airport is the closest airport to the Island of Maui in terms of distance. The airstrip is often used for flight training. Private plan owners ought to be aware that there are no refueling or other facilities at the airfield. Helicopter operations are confined to the paved area. Upolu Airport is second nearest to Waimanu Bay, one of the well known beaches for surfing on the Big Island.