Friday, June 21, 2024

Port Allen Airport(PAK)

Port Allen Airport is a general aviation airport located a mile southwest of Hanapepe on the island of Kauai. The airport is managed by the Kauai Airport District in Lihue and owned by the State of Hawaii Airports Division. Passenger air services began way back in 1929 while the airport gone through several renovations over the years. The airport was formerly known as Burns Field and was used as a landing facility by the US military. An average of over 5,000 aircraft operations are carried out over the year.

Driving to the airport

Port Allen Airport is restricted to helicopters and lighter aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds. It has a single runway with separate parking bays for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. The airport is accessible from Highway 50 and onto Lolokai Road and Kaalani Road, which connects to the airport. Several charter flights and air taxis utilize Port Allen Airport on a regular basis. Helicopter flights have become Kauaiā€™s signature attraction since most of the island can only be enjoyed by an aerial view. Some tour operators use Port Allen Airport as their base for their helicopter tours that offer breathtaking views of the island and its landscape.

Airport upgradation

There are several proposed plans for major improvements to Port Allen Airport. This includes the construction of hangars and aprons for helicopter operations, runway lighting, parking, and other related issues in order to provide more efficient and safer aircraft operations at Port Allen Airport.