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Hana Airport (HNM)

Located on the northeastern side of the Island of Maui, Hana Airport welcomes visitors for a splendid vacation on the beautiful island. The airport is 3 miles from the town of Hana and is served by commuter airlines and unscheduled air taxi services. Unlike the second largest airport, Kahului Airport, which is also located on the Island of Maui, Hana Airport is a smaller airport with one runway. The airport is owned and operated by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Airports Division and managed by the Maui District Airports.

A brief history

Hana Airport was initially a small grass field that developed after World War II. A new airport was constructed and opened to air traffic in 1950. This included a passenger terminal building, freight terminal building, parking areas, and field maintenance zones. Hawaiian Airlines was the only service to operate at the airport. The runway was extended in 1956 followed by further expansions of the facilities in 1957. Major improvements to the airport were made in the 1980s while safety features were improved significantly with the introduction of a Precision Approach Path Indicator for safer landings.

Facilities and amenities

Hana Airport is easily accessible from Hana Town, northwest along Hana Highway towards Waikoloa Road. A right turn at Alalele Place takes you to the airport, which is approximately a mile away. Being a small airport, there is limited free public parking available. Hana Airport consists of a single terminal with ticket counters and check-in facilities located at the terminal. The baggage claim counter also operates at the terminal. There are no shops or restaurants expect for vending machines with refreshments.

Limited ground transportation

Since air traffic is relatively low at Hana Airport, there is no public transportation service available. In addition, taxi services also do no operate from the airport. The only mode of transport is by car. Guests of Hotel Hana Maui can avail of a shuttle service by making prior arrangements. It would be prudent to make advance reservations with a car rental company if you wish to visit the island and travel to and from Hana Airport by car. Bookings can be made with Dollar Rent a Car on (808) 248-8237. Pacific Wings is another car rental agency that offers its services at the airport.

Travelers are welcome to call (808) 567-6361 and avail of the Visitor Information Program service for information on various travel related issues. Several air tour operators offer sightseeing tours for visitors to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the island from Hana Airport.